19 Aug 2010

The baddest AE101 Corolla this side of the Pacific

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This isn’t your mom’s grocery getter.

My mom has a corolla. No seriously. A wagon at that.  It’s silver and has 3 aftermarket hub caps.  Ever since I was younger, I wanted to know how it would look if the right person got his hands on an AE101…. Well, meet Wing Chan.

Starting off with a champagne gold commuter, Wing finished with a champagne bottle life exterior. With his bare hands, he ripped off that front end, and replaced the bumper and headlights with their JDM counterparts. Word on the street is he used to like Integra Type R’s so much, he bought a lip for one and modified it to fit his cororra. Well, I dont know about him liking the Type R’s that much, but the lip part is true. Hell, he even put a M3 lip wing on the trunk, AND made the rear diffuser himself… I can’t even make dinner. Wing got some skills.

Continuing the barrin theme, his suspension is built with top notch parts. With a list of Cusco, Swift, TRD, and Do Luck suspension pieces, it sounds like a roll call to a parts catalog. Hell,  I couldn’t even afford those if I had the money. It just sounds expensive, and I like eating… Although, I wouldn’t mind losing some weight…Word on the street is he even has a big brake kit in his possesion, and doesn’t want to put it on “just because.”

Rumor has it, Wing was looking to do some chest exercises one day, but didn’t have any weights. So he got under his car and bench pressed the old POS engine into the sky. It fell back in as a 4A-GE Blacktop complete with a 6 speed. Using some colored pieces in the engine, Chan fills his love for blue shit. Even his velocity stacks are anodized blue. Now I know all of you want to be a billionaire, so freakin bad, but you have nothing on whats under his hood. Even his radiator hose is a Billion. I mean literally, it’s a Billion. Shits ballin’.

Having worked at a stereo shop in a previous life, Chan’s interior is on point too. From custom glassed gauge pods and kick panels to a pair of Recaros, it has the goods. He did swap out his monstrous sound system for something a little more subtle though, now rocking an Infinity Basslink. From Recaro, to Cusco his interior is decked out. I really wonder why he hasn’t gotten some magazine press yet.

There you have it folks. One of (if not, the) most bad ass AE101 corolla’s in the states. BAWWWWRRRIN! Props and Shots to Memoryfab!




Toyota AE111 4A-GE “blacktop”
EFI Hardware 105mm ITB Velocity Stacks (X4)
HKS 4-1 Race Header
SARD high flow cat
TRD Japan catback exhaust
NST Pulley kit
Splitfire 8.8mm spark plug wires
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser
Pivot Ground Wires
NRG ground terminal
Cusco Oil Catch Can
Trust Oil Cooler, Radiator
TRD Thermostat
Billion Radiator Hose
Speed Source polyurethane engine mounts

Drive Train:
Toyota AE111 C160 6 speed LSD transaxle
Racing Gear flywheel
Exedy Stage 1 clutch
Speed Source steel braided hydraulic clutch line
Speed Source solid shifter cable bushings
TRD Short Shifter w/ solid Shift base bushings

Cusco Zero2 Coilover/dampeners w/ F & R upper pillow ball mounts & Camber Plates
Swift 10/8Kg/mm Springs
SPC Rear Camber Bolts
TRD Japan 3pt front strut tower bar
TRD Japan 28mm front sway bar
Whiteline “oversized” rear sway bar (20mm, 3ways adjustable)
SuperPro front control arm pivot, caster, and rear trailing arm bushings
Cusco/Safety 21 4pt roll bar
C-pillar bar
Do-Luck floor bar
15X7 Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57C (gunmetal)
Rays Engineering Extended Duralinum lugnuts
205/50/15 Falken Azenis RT-615
Powerslot front rotors
Hawk HP+ pads
AE111 Levin rear disc conversion

Toyota Japan AE101 FX front bumper
Toyota Japan AE101 Koito Crystal Black Housing Headlamps
DC2 ITR front lip (modified to fit)
Toyota Japan AE101 sedan rain guards
Adjustable front license plate bracket
Hella Micro DE Ion Yellow fog lamps
ModExpress 6000K bixenon HID
JDM AE101 Power Folding Mirrors JDM AE100 BZ Touring OEM side skirts
EDM AE101 rear bumper
Toyota Japan taillights w/ superflux LED conversion
Toyota Japan trunk panel w/ custom license plate relocation
M3 rear lip spoiler
Custom painted IS300 Graphite Grey Pearl (1C6)
35% tint all around
Toyota SE Black Pearl badges
Circuit Hero tow hook

Recaro Profi SPG driver seat w/ MemoryFab Super Low rails
Recaro SRD (suede) passenger seat
Willans 6pt camlock harness (blue)
ATC Competition Steering Wheel
NRG Short Hub & Quick Flip
interior fully reupholstered w/ black sued w/ blue stitching
CyberSpeed adjustable shift knob
Cusco ebrake button/knob
Razo Competition Ti adjustbale gas pedal, dead pedal and floor plate
Defi VSD Concept HUD
oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature gauges
Custom made center console triple gauge pod

KDC-X991 Kenwood excelon CD/MP3/USB headunit with g-sensor
JBL 180.2 Amp
JL Audio 6.5″ XR Component set w/ dome teweeters & crossovers
custom fiberglass door speaker pods
Infinity Basslink

High Resolution Wallpaper HERE

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